ColoRush Online

ColoRush Online


>> All new releases of the next 12 months as online version

>> Access to the archive online reading

>> Download complete reports as PDF version

>> Download all artwork and images for your personal use

>> Download the color values as ase file


Twice a year we are introducing a collection of over 50 colors to you, grouped by distinct palettes to represent a thorough overview of the color direction for the season. This offer comes as digital online version only. For the same offer including the workbook with all its advantages, please refer to the membership COLORUSH ONLINE ACCESS + WORKBOOK.

Following the presentation of each theme,we provide two spreads of combination suggestions, accompanied by photos and artwork that illustrate the concept and mood. These spreads provide different views on the full palette; one is often offering a brighter and the other a more subdued interpretation. Further breakdowns allow you to see how specific colors can be combined into a variety of outlooks to suit your needs. Further you will find a secondary palette depicting all of the colors used in this color report, organized by color family. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the full color range used, from reds and yellows across the spectrum to blues and violets.

This is followed by our S’watch and Play mixes. They showcase further combinations and groupings of colors - pulled from all themes – which demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of the colors in this report.

In addition, we provided you with the color palettes of each theme, suitable for import into Adobe® Illustrator, Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe ® InDesign.